Can you believe it? 2020 is almost over!

This year felt like both the quickest and slowest moving year at the same time. Despite the trials and tribulations of the past several months, I consider myself lucky. And as I write this last post of the year, and I’m not sad to see 2020 go (no surprise!) I find myself reflecting on the past 12 months.

Looking back at some of my key moments from the past year, I :

✨ Graduated with my second master’s degree. I’m done studying *trust me*.

✨ Moved back to my hometown after 12 years of living abroad. Yeah, it seems like the end of the road, for now, but I will see what the future holds.

✨ Got a new job, which I believe can be the beginning of something beautiful. 

✨ The best is yet to come. And I always remember the words of Soren Kierkegaard:

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Giving yourself time to reflect can make a big difference! The end of one year (and commencement of the next) can be an extremely powerful time. Take a moment to review the things that have both served and limited you. Trust me; you’ll be in a much better position to act consciously and set clear intentions for the future. 

Here’s to 12 new chapters!

A Reflections on a Decade


As I write this, I am close to my final weeks as a thirty-something. In a few months, I turn 40, and part of me wants to complain about getting old. But when I looked back at the last ten years of my life, I realized how far I’ve come—it was shocking. It is somewhat absurd for me to think that entering a new decade and turning 40 is a bad thing. I should be down on my knees, thanking God for giving me 40 years on this earth.

As the decade draws to a close, reflecting a bit on the last decade is challenging, yet quite entertaining. Sometimes, I feel that I’m moving forward at a snail’s pace in life. Other times life itself feels like it’s zipping by in fast forward.

Anyway,  let’s reflect.

When I turned 25, I had a plan. Nothing turned out as I had planned. I should be a world traveler, happily married, a mother of three kids, and a lady boss. Of course, at that age, life looked a lot different, and things didn’t go according to schedule.

Fast-forward 15 years, I am not rich. I am not famous. I am not tall and skinny or anywhere close. However, I got two master’s degrees in entirely different areas. I moved cities eight times, packed up everything, and left. I relocated to Charlotte for a new job. I lost that job (and felt like the world has ended.) I became an auntie to my beautiful nieces Sara and Yasmeen—seeing my sister become a mother has been so lovely to watch, even from a distance.

Taking a huge step back, I see the ups and downs of my life with a new perspective. My circumstances have changed notably in recent years. There have been times where I truly experienced great disappointment, stress, anxiety… yet, I find myself on the other side. I’m beyond blessed to still be in good health and surrounded by a fantastic family. However, my clinical career took a sharp turn away from the lab soon after losing my job and led me to a wildly irreverent field and hopefully, to a job I’ll love. There are many things about myself and my life that I’ll gratefully take forward with me into the coming decade.

I look forward to happily embrace the handful of people who love and accept me for who I am, including my family. I will also continue to cherish my new life turn.

I look forward to embarking upon a new decade.



Your Happy Memories Can Bust Your Bad Mood

img_3293No one like to be sad. It’s even safe to say that we all want to be happy. Recently (since one year, six months and 23 days to be exact,) I’ve been going through a challenging time. Nothing traumatizing happened. I just lost my job. I’ll be honest; I also lost my life and dignity with it. I couldn’t enjoy even the simple things in life, and the heavy thoughts were clouding my days. Eventually, I realized that I needed to get out of this depressing state, and I started rebuilding my self-confidence (still a work-in-progress.) It’s so darn hard to maintain a positive mindset, but I’m improving. Feeling nostalgic and embracing the good memories in my life helped to lift my way out of negative emotions — well, sometimes! Continue reading “Your Happy Memories Can Bust Your Bad Mood”