I’m always trying to become a better person and improve myself (mind, body, and soul.) Here are some of my favorite resources that I constantly get inspiration from:

Journey To Courtney

Journey to Courtney

This girl is the biggest badass. She is a full-time Writer, part-time ranter, food, fitness and lifestyle lover. She is my FAV-OR-ITE.  I’ve been following her for a while now and what I love about her is how motivational, smart, beautiful, and soon-to-be- your virtual BFF (seriously, just contact her and see!)

Main topics: Lifestyle · ‎Food · ‎Wellness
Website: Journey To Courtney
Instagram: @journeytocourtney
Pinterest: Journey To Courtney


Cup of Jo

I LOVE this lifestyle blog by Joanna Goddard. This is my go-to blog for everyday tips on all things “lifestyle,” from style to relationships, and even motherhood. Look forward to her “Have A Lovely Weekend.”

Main topics: Lifestyle · ‎Food · Design · Travel · Relationships · Motherhood
Website: Cup of Jo
Instagram: @cupofjo
Pinterest: Joanna Goddard | Cup of Jo

The EveryGirl

The Every Girl

A lifestyle blog for “career-driven women.”  It’s your place to go for, well, everything.

Main topics: Career & Finance · Fashion & Beauty · Living · Wellness · Travel
Instagram: @theeverygirl
Pinterest: @The Everygirl

Uwishunu Philly


This is your resource for everything fun and exciting happening in and around Philadelphia.

Main topics: Events · Happenings  · Dining · Museums · Hotels · Restaurants · Festivals · Shopping · Art · Music · and more
Website: Uwishunu
Instagram: @Uwishunu

Happiness Project


For a little positivity in your life, check out the LG Experience Happiness Project. It focuses on developing six sustainable skills: mindfulness, human connection, gratitude, positive outlook, purpose, and generosity.

For more about Life’s Good, please visit Experience Happiness Project

Life Goals Mag

Life Goals Mag

An online magazine to inspire women to become their best selves.

Main topics: Personal Growth · Lifestyle  · Career  · Relationships  · Wellness
Website: Life Goals Mag
Instagram: @lifegoalsmag