Feeling Sad? You Know What Could Help? Desserts.

img_3065Sometimes, the stars align in your favor. Other times… they just don’t, and life throws terrible stuff your way. It sucks. It could be a broken heart, an empty bank account, an unexpected job loss, a parking ticket, or a fight with your mom.

Whatever it is, you’re having a shitty day. Shitty days are the hardest to dig yourself out of, and it sucks. I’ve had my share of those days over the last two years. My go-to help may seem too simple, but it’s dessert. Dessert is what helped me manage to get through some really, really shitty days and come out the other side.
You should take dessert seriously; not just any random dessert will do.
It’s important that you pick the right dessert to fit your mood. Philadelphia has a never-ending list of things desserts-for-your-mood to indulge in when you’re sad.
Here’s seven.

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