12 Things You Can Do Virtually During This Uncertain Time



Is it Monday? Being honest, no one’s keeping track. We have been cooped up inside for the past four weeks, and we could all use a mega-virtual-hug right now.

First things first, take a deep breath. We’ve found ourselves in a very unforeseen and unprecedented situation. In essence, it has been a real doozy time in human history to be witness to a global event that continues to affect us all in different ways. Although I have the privilege of not changing my life drastically, I know that, for many, being isolated at home can be especially lonely and frustrating. I also think there’s some comfort knowing that every person on the planet is in the same boat, right?!

ImageEverything is so up in the air, but I am choosing to focus on the good. We, like the rest of the world, are all still home, still social distancing, and still bored as ever. But as the situation evolves, here’s a friendly reminder that no matter your case, sometimes you just need to press pause.


Unsure what to do with yourself?
Virtual meditation and workoutsZoom parties, Jigsaw Puzzles, quarantine playlists or my new favorite hobby, virtual window shopping.

Here are some resources to help you combat the social distancing blues and stay entertained on URL instead of IRL:

  1. Escape your home and visit the Great Wall of China from your couch  (I get it! Cabin fever is real but hang in there!)
  2. Take a virtual trip to Mars (you’re itching to travel, I know!)
  3. Go on a virtual tour of US National Parks.
  4. Check out San Diego Zoo.
  5. Stream and play free online.
  6. Sing along your favorite Broadway classics.
  7. Dance your shoes off with celebrities in your PJs.
  8. Enjoy the Met free streaming of operas.
  9. Visit over 2,500 galleries and museums around the globe.
  10. Discover the Vatican immense art collection.
  11. Download, print, and fill in Van Gogh coloring pages.
  12. Improve yourself with free online classes.

Image 6These are tough times and each day brings sweeping new changes, but we will all get through this together. Until then, remain optimistic. Keep holding on to your faith. And please stay home and stay healthy!

Let’s rise above all of this and flatten the curve.


Whether you are self-isolating, social distancing, or just plain WFH, what are other activities you are doing to kill your boredom?